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Everything we learned spending $1,000,000+ hiring 1000s of React Developers, this guide will help you identify the best-fit candidate for your organization.

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Hire the Best React Developers. A “First-Hand” Experience guide

Everything we learned spending $1,000,000+ hiring 1000s of React developers. The tactics, interview questions, the best technologies, rates, important skills, and more - not sure you need React.js or ReactNative? This "in the trenches" guide will help you identify best-fit full-time and part-time react developers. Again, this applies to only quality-discerning recruiters. We don't care if you're a CTO, CIO, Tech Lead, or Hiring Manager.

Not all React Developers are created equal. Here’s how to choose the best of them - so you can get the best value for your money!

Fair Warning:

There are so many Programmers out there claiming to deliver a great service, great results, and years of value to their prospective clients, when often, they are not.

The thing with this industry is that it’s so easy to bluff.

Promises of building top of class cross-platform mobile applications that feel truly native and fast to market built over a short development cycle are so tempting to hear.

Even the best CIO, CTO’s, hiring managers, IT heads are often blinded by the technical blurb and confused into believing anything.

Every day we speak to IT Heads who have appalling stories to tell about software developers taking money and delivering disappointing products in return.

We recently had a conversation with the CTO of a leading FinTech company about a “professional freelance” React Developer who claimed to have 4 years of experience with development in React.js. On his Linkedin profile, he even had 5 endorsements for that skill. But eventually, it showed up he started with programming 11 months ago and just faked most of his resume. It is recommended to test developers on several levels as we do it in Hiremotely. Relying on resumes only can be misleading and risky. Most of the companies we’ve worked with have their time and significant sums wasted on developers only to find the end product underwhelming.

It's therefore worth taking the same care in choosing the right software developer to handle building your applications as you would for any other professional business endeavor, such as financial investment.

Luckily you can leverage our years of experience and inside knowledge gathered from hiring and working with 1000s of developers, to navigate your journey to land a top React developer!

Let’s get started...

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What is React.js used for (web frontend)

Chances are you know React.js was developed by Facebook in response to the need for a “dynamic and high performing User Interface (UI).” 

And most likely you also know about how powerful it can be used in creating user interfaces for mobile apps and websites.

Of a truth, stick a needle anywhere in the web today and you’ll likely land on an asset built using React.js.

However, here is the thing:

React JS is a JavaScript library that shines through when it comes to building the interactive elements you see on websites making it the most popular front-end framework in web development.

What is ReactNative used for (mobile apps)

When it comes to creating mobile applications React Native is perfect! 

Though it is based on Facebook's JavaScript library like ReactJs it is anything like it because it targets mobile platforms rather than browsers. 

With ReactNative, the developer only needs to develop the application once and it will run on multiple platforms including both iOS and Android devices.

Defining whether you need React.js or ReactNative

Torn between hiring a React.js or ReactNative developer? We get you - we’ve been in your shoes before. The whole React.js vs. ReactNative debacle can be confusing. Fact!

However, we always advise companies and hiring teams to keep it simple - don’t overthink it. Determining the kind of end product you want is the first step in helping you decide your choice of developer.

Naturally then, the formulae that have given us and clients we’ve worked with the best results are:

  • Hire React.Js developers if the goal is building Websites and web applications.
  • While ReactNative developers get the nod for developing mobile applications.

Sounds simple? Yes. But it has saved us and our team from lots of hassle - we believe following this premise would give you similar benefits too. 

We would also like to remind you that in any case, only settle for a candidate with proven knowledge. We’ve highlighted some must-have skills you should expect from your developer below.

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Which other technologies should React.js developers know?

In addition to sound knowledge in using the React framework, here are some essential proficiencies you should look out for when hiring a React developer. 

We’ve discovered that these capabilities tend to complement each other to give your product an extra edge. In many cases, a shred of knowledge from one of these areas will get your project on track without the need for extra hire. In the end, consider it getting the best of possible worlds. 

So what are these knowledge areas?


At the very least, a developer should not stumble when it comes to knowing JavaScript ES6 or later. This would definitely include all its features and enhancements such as Variable and Scoping; Array methods; DOM manipulations, Functions and Arrow functions, etc.


Node.js for full-stack

While Javascript is mainly for frontend applications, a developer with a solid understanding of node.js is able to work the backend like a full-stack ninja too. It’s like having two good hires in one, or close.

Perfection in HTML+CSS

We would strongly kick against hiring a developer that is not all-around strong in HTML and CSS. Here is why - these programming languages are the bedrock of creating and working with user interfaces which are crucial for whatever you want to achieve. As far as proficiency in HTML and CSS goes, we always hire those developers that can:

  • Write and use CSS selectors
  • Write and work with semantic HTML tags
  • Complete a CSS reset
  • Create and work with responsive web principles
  • Work with the box model and also Reset border-box 

What are the important skills of a React Developer?

Let us put this out here quickly: The skills that we would like to highlight below are not exhaustive and they do not represent an exact measure of a developers’ competence.

With that out of the way, we’ve curated the most important skills a react developer should possess.  Arm yourself with this knowledge when next you are looking to hire a developer for your company and you won’t go wrong.

These are the skills:

Depending on your needs, you can hire developers based on their levels of experience and know-how.

The following outlines the bare minimum in terms of industry-specific skills you should expect from your react developer:

Hard skills of a “Junior” React developer

Junior developers as the name suggests are the least experienced. In most cases, they are recent college graduates looking to work or already working as developers for the first time.

Looking to hire a junior react developer? The candidate should be:

  • Proficient in working with React framework and its main components, APIs, and libraries.
  • Skilled in writing JavaScript code
  • Accomplished in implementing navigation.
  • Competent when it comes to using state management tools especially Redux.
  • Capable of completing basic debugging and testing principles using the appropriate tools

Things to keep in mind:

  • Junior developers can’t solve complex issues.
  • In most cases, junior developers would need supervision from an experienced colleague.
  • Junior developers tend to be exuberant and inexcusably think software that is “working” is automatically good software.

Mid-level React developer

Mid-Level Developers are quite experienced - with at least 2 years post-college graduation experience working on different projects. This category of developers can build a product that works great independently and have pretty good problem-solving skills. 

Some important skills of a mid-level react developer include:

  • Identification and implementation of app performance optimization processes.
  • Designing and developing mobile-specific features.
  • Working with and integrating third-party services, external hardware’s, assets, and  APIs
  • Skillful offline data caching
  • Revamping UI, UX, and overall design aesthetic of the business-critical customer-facing portals
  • Sign and deploy apps
  • Identification and implementation of the crucial code improvements

Senior React developer

Unlike the previous two, a senior developer is well rounded in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience and are capable of expeditiously managing workflow and teams. With at least 3 years of working experience, a senior react developer would have numerous successful app launches under their belt.

Some hard skills of a senior react developer:

  • Experience in all phases of React like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive knowledge of react development technologies and programming languages.
  • Develop native apps and can  port existing Android or iOS app to React Native
  • Knowledge of utilizing cloud technologies to integrate between Application to Application
  • Skilled in front-end development with back-end system integration.
  • Proficient in using Version Control tools for Source Code version management.
  • Ability to mentor and build a development team
  • Nifty with various software development approaches
  • Accomplished when it comes to supporting the transitions from one development approach to another
  • Research and Development

Soft Skills

Irrespective of the level of experience, the following are important soft skills of a react developer:


Setting clear KPIs for your developer and making sure they get a clear picture of what you want to achieve is a good start point. A developer who is committed to meet your needs backed by a guarantee and a proven track record is worth talking to.


It’s happened to us a couple of times - where a developer would change specific KPIs without letting us in on the picture or they do so when it is late. You don’t need us to tell you how disastrous this can be.

Clear and concise communication is a good sign you can have a smooth-running relationship with your developer. Always favor a developer that asks questions, talk over issues, listen to your concerns and queries, and then goes further to provide you with the best possible customer service in response to your needs.

Many times when we work with CIO, CTO, and hiring managers that have previously hired a react developer, the delivery wasn’t always the reason for their dissatisfaction– more often than not, the communication skills or lack of was.

Understanding your goal

Understanding the “real” intent of a goal you want to achieve with your project should be top of the priority for the prospective developer. This is the only way your satisfaction can be guaranteed. A developer that shy away from understanding your unique needs is likely to provide you with a canned cookie-cutter service. Avoid those!

Sharing knowledge

A good react developer is confident in their abilities and will be happy to share knowledge and teach you about the process, explaining what they are recommending and why.

Making sure you understand what your developer will do on your behalf is important to your business. So, when your developer sends you recommendations for your project, look into what they are suggesting and if you don’t understand it – ask them why. A reliable developer will provide more to your company than a generic pitch/report and unexplained processes.

React developer interview questions

Of all the vital lessons we’ve picked up over the years, the interview process and more especially the interview questions have been more helpful. There are so many benefits to this step - it's almost mind-boggling how easy and fast it allows you to screen out unqualified candidates.

And by the way, you don’t necessarily need to sweat over outsourcing the recruitment in any way. You can simply have applicants answer questions online. You also do not have to be a consultant react developer either (standard knowledge will do). These questions will be grouped into two sets: General screening questions and secondly, Industry-specific questions.

General react developer screening questions:

This set of questions are generally of the know-your-candidate type without driving at job-related competencies.

  • Include a caveat if you would not be responsible for any visa obligations.
  • What is your city of residence?
  • Please share your LinkedIn profile link.
  • Do you have a GitHub profile? If yes, kindly share the link.
  •  What is your desired salary?
  • How did you hear about this position?
  • Who referred you? 

Industry-specific react developer interview questions

Ask them the following questions to gauge their level of expertise as a react developer in addition to their proficiency in other related knowledge areas.

  • How many years of software development experience do you have (Only full-time, paid roles please)
  • How proficient are you in the following (Please tick as appropriate):

CSS: Very Proficient ( ) Good ( ) Fairly Proficient ( ) Not Proficient ( )

HTML: Very Proficient ( ) Good ( ) Fairly Proficient ( ) Not Proficient ( )

React: Very Proficient ( ) Good ( ) Fairly Proficient ( ) Not Proficient ( )

React Native: Very Proficient ( ) Good( )Fairly Proficient( )Not Proficient ( )

Node.js: Very Proficient ( ) Good ( ) Fairly Proficient ( ) Not Proficient ( )


Dig deep with some specific questions like:

  • What happens when you call setState?
  • When setState is called, it will initiate a process called reconciliation. The ultimate aim of reconciliation in this case is to efficiently update the UI based on the new state.
  •  Please share a link to your portfolio?

Rates of React developers

Location Rates of React developers/Hour
North America Junior developer: $40-$60 Mid-level developer: $60-$100 Senior developer: $100-150+
South America Junior developer: $25-$50 Mid-level developer: $35-$80 Senior developer:$70-100
Eastern Europe Junior developer: $25-$50 Mid-level developer: $40-$80 Senior developer: $70-100+
Western Europe Junior developer: $35-$50 Mid-level developer: $50-$100 Senior developer: $90-150+
Asia Junior developer: $18-$35 Mid-level developer:$35-$65 Senior developer: $50-80+
Australia Junior developer: $35-$50 Mid-level developer: $50-$100 Senior developer:$100+

Where to hire top React developers

a.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site with over 135 million users. The site is favored by professionals, recruiters and active job seekers including react developers. Sounds like an ideal place to start your search right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy finding the right fit candidate due to the amount of time required in prospecting, contacting, and validating prospective candidates. From our experience, the stress is not just worth it in the end. 

b. Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and a host of others are good sources of dirt-cheap services. But there is a catch: the level of quality often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Plus, with fly by night quick money schemers crawling out of the wood in the guise of expert this and that, you cannot be safe in the knowledge of guaranteed satisfaction.

c. Hiremotely - how it works on Hiremotely

Consider Hiremotely a hybrid between specialist software development agency and freelance platforms.

The result? Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind comes with partnering with a reputable freelance software development platform that has so much to choose at the best prices

For over 5 years Hiremotely has been a go-to source for quality discerning IT managers, CTOs, tech-leads, CIOs, Hiring managers, and others looking for incredibly talented developers that can maximize the impact of their investment. 

Here is how Hiremotely works:

1.  Specify the type of developer you want

2.  Get matched with the best fit based on your needs

Within 48-hours you will be provided with 2-4 qualified developers from a network of over 1200 result-proven Freelance software developers.

3.  Choose a developer for a test, risk-free period

You are allowed 8-hours to try out the developer's skills free of charge. So, you have nothing to lose in case you are not satisfied with your pick.

4.  Commission the best developer of your choice!

After you’ve found the right match, you can then proceed to invite the qualified candidate to join your team and begin managing their skills. 

Profiles of the best 5 React developers on Hiremotely

Yes, we intend to pull back the curtain and reveal some of the best talents we’ve worked with over the past couple of years. These are not one-trick ponies nor are they one project wonders.

We arrived at the profiles of the best 5 react developers on Hiremotely based on expensive and time-consuming trial and error on our part.

Hopefully, after we’re done here you’ll be able to hit the ground running with your perfect react developer faster and cost-efficiently better than we did.

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