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Jakub Bares Machine learning engineer

Jakub Bares

  • Prague, Czech Republic
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I am a senior full stack developer who specializes in NLP, Recommendation engines, ML, NN and Blockchain. I am also experienced product and interaction designer who creates innovative applications by combining most relevant concepts

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Chief Technology officer


March 2019 - present

Football analytics platform for scouting players. Advanced models as similar players, player types clustering, player ELO, expected goals, and many more

FE in Angular 7
BE in Python, SQLAlchemy, Flask
Data transformation in PySpark, Parquet, DataBricks, Scala
Models in Numpy, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow
Visualizations in D3.js
Running on Azure



July 2019 - present

Online scientific and political discussion/inquiry forum employing facebook level algorithms to order content according to quality, relevance and interest.
Organized by inherent structure of wisdom - problems, solutions and arguments. Plus facts arranged in knowledge graphs.

React, Apollo, Python, Flask, Graphene, Neo4j, Next.js, Draft.js

IT specialist


Product & Interaction Designer

May 2016 – Present

Football analytics platform for scouting talent
Dating platform merging Reddit, Tinder and Facebook
Food ordering app focused on sharing delivery cost and optimizing delivery routes
Discussion platform optimized for public policy issues
City exploration app showing custom found stories about buildings and placessee less

Data Scientist & Deep Learning Researcher

August 2014 – Present

Solving games like Pac-man, Sokoban, Risk
Generating quiz answer possibilities using GPT-2
Document similarity using BERT embeddings
API creating n-gram “topics” from articles about politicians to provide overview of the news (project “Our politicians” by Cesko Digital)
NLP stealth project analyzing sentiment analysis about particular qualities of a product
App recognizing difficult foreign language vocabulary from book/text - hackathon project
Platform for information extraction in Kotlin
Chatbot for virtual financial institution using GATE framework
Chatbot intent recognition using FastText
Cosine similarity based recommendation in SQL
Writing ETL SQL scripts, creating dashboards
Refactoring current warehouse for 8 eshops in E-Commerce Holding

Solr, WordNet, FastText, GATE, Morphodita, Spacy
Cheerio, Beautiful Soup, NLTK, TextBlob, Tensorflow, Keras
Keboola, GoodData, Qlikview
Kotlinsee less

Developer & Analyst

August 2014 – Present

React Native mobile app for NGO Rekonstrukce statu
Sample selection from population algorithm for sociology research
Typo correction tool for large questionaire evaluation
eGovernment project for Czech Ministry of the Interior in Java, MyBatis, Angular
Frontend lead at key digitalization project in traditional Czech bank
Fintech startup website in React with server-side rendering using next.js
IT Strategy for city of Prague prepared for municipal elections
Mobile platform for discovering a city by local stories
Digital agency website in Angular
P2P lending project process analysis
Browser plugin MindBrella for analyzing facebook profiles, pages and groups for desinformation content
Sales gamification mobile app in Ionic for parcel logistics company
System for publishing public contract offerings for the state in Java

Angular, React, Python, Java, Go, Node.js, Swift, Express, Bootstrap, Flask, Django, Spring, Next.js
React Native, Apollo, GraphQL, Ionic
MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, Sequelize, Mongoose, PyMongo, Neo4j



September 2018 - present

Browser extension creating a foreign language text book out of any text website. Personalized choice of sentences to be translated based on your level. Automatically created vocabulary with context where you saw the word. Complex vocabulary enrichment based on synonyms and topics.

Angular, Python
Chrome and Firefox extension
Recommendation engine
Spacy, FastText, WordNet
Various Dictionaries and Corpuses

Full Stack Developer

Trask solutions a.s.

October 2016 - May 2018

Java and Javascript
Angular, Node.js, Express, Spring, JSP, Bootstrap, JavaFX, Python
MySQL, Sequelize
Google Analytics
Bot framework, QnAMaker, Table storage, Azure AD, GoodAI Chatbot, Graph API
Ethereum Blockchain, Solidity, Truffle

Codebook management system RDS in Java and Angular
Preapproved loans lending system Impresto in Angular
Blockchain demo project for connected car data management
Several chatbots in Bot framework and Node.js, using MSFT Graph API

Junior Enterprise Architect

T-Systems Czech Republic a.s.

June 2013 - August 2014

Providing governance over the transition of IT applications and infrastructure during merger with T-Systems

Consolidating requirements and breaking down issues/risks
Active problem solving together with specialized solution teams
Reporting on progress to management, Unified communication to end users

Business Intelligence Intern

ADWISE s.r.o.

September 2012 - December 2012

Development of dashboards in Qlikview

Data visualization, Information management
SQL, Qlikview

Strategy Consultant

Strategy Consultant

June 2011

Strategy case competition for startup accelerator

Co-developed the winning project
Market analysis, Positioning, Customer segmentation
Strategy, Marketing campaign

- Won the case competition

Financial Director


November 2007 - January 2009

Yearly film festival of student films
Member of team, which developed winning strategy for 2008
Responsible for Budgeting, Accounting
Participating on Fundraising, Contracting, Bartering

Collective achievements:
- Fundraised record budget in comparison to previous years
- The festival was sold out every day
- We received widespread positive echo in the media

Educations and Certifications

Masaryk University Brno

Computer Science - Master's degree

2010 -2013

Rank among 3% of best students

Copenhagen Business School

IT Management

2011 - 2012

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Bachelor's Degree - Production of film, TV and new media

2006 - 2009

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