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Jan J.

Java Backend Developer
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I’m a Back-end developer, focused on Java development. I have experience with Java, Spring, Hibernate and Javascript.

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • GIT
  • Docker
  • JavaScript
  • Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot

Back-end developer in Starky's Club

since Feb 2020

Lundegaard a.s.

Mar 2017 - Jan 2020
  • Java BE developer in Moneta CZ
    • Web support 
    • Technology: Java 8, Spring Boot, Gradle, Liferay 7.0 
  • Java BE developer in CLAIMS CZ | BNP Paribas
    • Technology: Java 8, Spring Boot, Maven, Spring Admin, MySQL, Hibernate, Tomcat, Graylog, Docker 
  • Full stack developer in DXP portal upgrade | BNP Paribas 
    • Upgrading portals from Liferay 6.2 to Liferay 7.0 DXP 
    • Technology: Java 8, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MySQL, Gradle, Vaadin, JavaScript, Tomcat, Docker, Liferay 
  • Java BE developer  in T-Mobile Subscription App | BNP Paribas 
    • creating new subscription forms for end-users 
    • Technology: Java 8, Spring Boot, Maven, JXLS, Hibernate, Docker, GIT, Tomcat, MySQL, Liferay 7.0, ElasticSearch, Thymeleaf

Applied Informatics at University of Economics, Prague

since 2019

Software Engineering and Technology at Czech Technical University

2015 - 2019