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David Valín Cabrera

Frontend and Backend Developer
  • Ideal project length 6+ months
  • Location Remotely (meetings possible)
  • Available from 1st September

I live for technology, specially for the design of important pieces of distributed applications at complex organisations and workflows. I'm driven by passion, quality and productivity.

I spent the last 9 years intensively designing and implementing distributed applications in Javascript, Node.js, Grape, Rails, Symfony, Angular 1.x, Angular 6, Polymer, React, Riot, Cowboy & OTP and many other frameworks, HTML, CSS... (today a lot of Typescript) in all kind of web projects. I worked in complex projects like the automatisation of complex CI pipelines and infrastructures at one bank creating a framework used by 30 teams, the entire frontend of an advanced DLT fintech project at one bank, the creation of the frontend of a Real Time Bidding platform (Online Advertisment) at Yieldr, an Online Bidding platform at Vakantieveilingen, a Scheduling algorithm at Guidion, a 500K products e-commerce website at Zamro, a SVG world map at Rabobank, a Content Licensation system at BringMotion...

8 years in my back as a freelance designing/developing/managing projects: designing and implementing digital business models, creating UI prototypes, designing and implementing databases and apis, creating frontend applications using Html + CSS and Javascript and many frameworks, backend development using Ruby on Rails and Symfony, Node, Erlang OTP. Also I improved UX, went deep on SEO, SEM, affiliate programs and online marketing in general. Theses are my core skills.

Learning myself since 1998, I started experimenting with C language, basic, html, internet, ethical hacking... Now in 2017 I'm falling in love with Angular + JSON RESTful and web socket APIS (Erlang) running in the cloud. I make both. I am obsessed with the designing and building structured scalable software solutions which means well designed modular, reusable, documented and unit tested coded. My philosophy is to never resolve the same problem twice, and to do so I divide the problem into small problems resolved through small reliable software modules.

Looking forward for challenging projects as software architect / developer from the devising to the execution. I'm flexible to work in different areas making clear which are them and what is expected from me, I feel comfortable working on any of my skill areas. I can work on "details" or in the "big picture": devising, planning or executing.

  • Javascript ES6
  • TypeScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • React
  • Polymer
  • Webpack
  • Frontend patterns
  • UI Prototyping
  • User Experience
  • Unit testing
  • E2E testing
  • TDD & BDD
  • Node.js
  • REST
  • WS
  • Model and DB design
  • Backend patterns
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Ruby
  • Grape
  • Rails
  • Code documentation
  • rspec
  • Erlang
  • OTP
  • CI/CD

Frontend architect, Design, Frontend Developer, functional analyst. MVP video maker

ING Labs · 2019

Frontend architect / Software Consultant / Trainer / Full-Stack developer

ServiceHouse · 2018

Software consultant

Mister Green Direct · 2018

Software architect / Consultant

ABN Amro Bank · 2017 - 2018

Frontend & Mobile development

Floxer · 2017

IT Advisory & Frontend development

ING Bank · 2017

Frontend development and Consulting

Zamro · 2016

Full-stack development, software architecture and Consulting

Guidion · 2016

Frontend development and Consulting · 2016

Full-stack development, Software architect

howerest · 2016

Frontend developer and Consulting

KLM · 2015

Frontend developer and Consulting

Vakantieveilingen · 2015

Frontend developer, Software architect and Consulting

Rabobank · 2015

Frontend developer, Software architect and Consulting

Yieldr · 2014

Full-stack development · 2013

Full stack development and Software architect

BringMotion v2 · 2013

Online strategy

A-Porta Innovaciones S.L. · 2013

Teacher for a face-to-face online marketing course

Lugo's council · 2013

Wordpress integration

Y-Isabel · 2012

Design and Markup of marketing flyers

A-Porta Innovaciones S.L. · 2012

Full-stack development, Architect, Online trainer

Productividad Extrema · 2012

Full-stack development

Blog Productividad extrema · 2012

Full stack development and Software architect

BringMotion v1 · 2012

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Mercadillo Semanal · 2011

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Hierros Ferreiro S.L. · 2011

Online marketing Consulting

Janfer S.L. · 2011

Frontend development

MV Tenerife · 2011

Full-stack development, Consulting

Martínez e Hijos S.L. · 2011

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Shippinglob · 2011

Full-stack development, Architect

Binarty · 2010

Full-stack development, Architect

BinartyShop · 2010

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Lonver · 2010

Design, Frontend development, Consulting

Anvar · 2010

Design, Frontend development, Consulting

NN Coins · 2010

Frontend development, Consulting

Teatro do Miolo S.L. · 2010

Full-stack development, Consulting

La CooK · 2010

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Inmobiliaria Fontiñas · 2009

New technologies & Online security trainer

Lugo's Town Hall · 2009

Full-stack development, Architect, Consulting

Festival HO! · 2008

Programming, Software design, Design, Video, Internet

Serial autodidact · since 1998

IES Villalba Hervás (Canary Islands, Spain)

High School Graduated · 2004

Medium grade formative course (Lugo, Spain)

Operation of computer systems · 2008
Software Architecture · Training & Coaching · Visual thinking · Design · Online Marketing · SEO · SEM · Email marketing · Business productivity · Personal productivity · Project management · Resolve problems through drawings & meetings · Effective communication · Wireframing · Keynote Presentations · Video presentations · Professional HD Video creation · Photoshop · Apple Motion · Final Cut Pro X · Business model design · Business model optimization · Software scalability · Drakon Editor · Code generation · Unix & Linux · Network Protocols · Cyber Security · Task automation · Online marketing · Real Time Bidding · A/B testing · Online bidding · Online advertisement · Cryptotrading
English: Full professional proficiency Spanish: Native language

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