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Mia Dugas

Full-stack Developer
  • Ideal project length 3+ months
  • Location Denver, US
  • Available from Now

I am an accomplished full-stack development professional with education in full-stack web development best practices leveraged to create and execute innovative web development solutions in line with strict project requirements. I am able to create and maintain long-term relationships with strategic business partners and technical stakeholders based on open lines of communication, the effectiveness of the solutions delivered, and results that exceed expectations.

I am excited to combine full-stack development education/certification with real-world experience to provide exceptional results while working in fast-paced, dynamic technical business environments.

React.js & React Redux, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), jQuery, Python, Node.js, Express.js
Angular.js, MySQL, Responsive Design, Heroku, GitHub, Vue.js, Visual Studio Code, Postman
Bootstrap CSS, Bulma, Zurb Foundation, Materialize, Flutter, Dart, Sketch, CRUD
MongoDB, Gatsby.js, PWA, Shopify, Liquid, Php, Electron.js

  • Javascript
  • React, React.js
  • Angular, Angular.js
  • Electron
  • MySQL
  • Express.js
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Ionic

Full-stack Developer

Freelancer, Dec 2018 - present
  • serve as a freelance web and software development projects, creating clean, visually appealing layouts and user interfaces that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation
  • integrate data from various back-end services and databases and write well designed, testable, efficient code through the user of software development best practices
  • work with clients providing support on a variety of development-related JavaScript and HTML issues, deliver exceptional levels of service to ensure their satisfaction


  • HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), React.js & React, Redux, Electron.js
  • jQuery, Python, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, MySQL, Responsive Design
  • Vue.js, Visual Studio Code, Postman, Bootstrap CSS, Bulma, Zurb Foundation, Materialize, Flutter, Dart, Sketch, CRUD, MongoDB, Gatsby.js, PWA, Shopify, Liquid and PHP
React.js Redux Node.js Angular React Vue.js Java Javascript Python HTML/CSS

University of Denver


Full-stack Development Bootcamp

Technologies: React.js & React Redux, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), jQuery, Handlebars, Node.js, Express.js, SocketIO, MySQL, Responsive Design, Heroku, Github, Bash, Visual Studio Code, Postman, Bootstrap CSS, Bulma, Zurb Foundation, Skeleton Framework, Sequelize, CRUD, MongoDB, Webpack, PWA

Ionic - Angular

Academind, 2021


Academind, 2021