Job Recruiters in IT (Manual) - I. Introduction

In recent years, the boom in recruitment of IT experts has reached its historic peak. Software developers and other IT specialists are today needed in banks, start-ups, and logistics, pharmaceutical and industrial companies. It is literally open season on IT specialists both from recruitment agencies trying to profit from the prevailing situation, and from internal HR departments who urgently require IT specialists in their companies. Alongside the demand for IT experts, there is logically also a rise in the number of HR managers seeking and recruiting IT experts. HR specialist, IT recruiter, IT sourcer, … today we can encounter almost as many such openings on LinkedIn as we do those for IT experts themselves.

Unfortunately, however, these HR workers’ information technology qualifications have not risen along with their numbers. This has resulted in numerous paradoxical, erroneous and vague dialogues between IT recruiters and IT specialists. Recruiters offer IT specialists irrelevant positions because they are not aware of the ins and outs of the technologies and are unable to correctly estimate the required candidate profile, or they mix up different roles, etc.

Here at, we are well aware that information technology is a very broad field, and it is difficult to have a full grasp of it. As such, we have decided to write this “Manual for IT Recruiters”, whose objective is to offer a comprehensive overview of IT, explaining individual roles and terms and the most used technologies. Our desire is that the information this contains will be both readable and understandable. We hope you enjoy the read.

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How We Test Developers at Hiremotely?

What is the greatest nightmare of working with freelancers? Most employers will tell you it’s developers who tend to embellish their resumes and then spectacularly fail to live up to the expectations they set.

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What frameworks are, and the most commonly used ones

Besides requirements for knowledge of programming languages in job vacancies, there are also often requirements for knowledge of a particular framework. But what exactly is a framework? It is a programming language add-on, or one might say a package of components which makes programming in a particular language easier. Every programming language has a large number of frameworks. Let’s look at so

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