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Anguler vs React

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Specify the type of developer you are looking for


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After making your specification, we choose the best candidates from our 1200+ member network.

We provide 2-4 qualified developers within 48 hours to provide you with the best fit for your needs.

Try out the developer and their skills for 8 hours. If you are not satisfied with their work, you don’t have to pay for it.

After you’ve found the right match, invite your developer into you team and begin managing their skills.

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How long will it take to match with a developer?

It takes up to 48 hours to deliver portfolios of developers based on your specification.

How many developers can I choose from?

We provide you with 2-4 profiles of developers who fit your needs.

What is the legal relationship between your company and the developer?

For your highest safety, Hiremotely.com closes the contract with your company by providing developers that are then subcontracted to you. Hiremotely.com covers all the risks and is responsible for work of the developers.

How does the invoicing work?

We send you weekly reports. After confirming their accuracy, we send you the invoice.

Who manages the developers?

You or your project manager/team leader manage the developer, ensuring maximum flexibility to your project.

Where are your developers from?

Most of our developers are here in Prague, however we have developers from all over the Europe who wish to cooperate with us and our clients.

What developer qualifications are required before being accepted to the Hiremotely.com network?

All of the developers from our network go through 3 levels of tests: 1) Test Technology and Coding: we test specific skills of relevant technologies by providing practice examples and reviewing their code writing abilities. 2) Logical and Mathematical: we test their logical thinking through a series of logical and mathematical tests. 3) Reliability: during the 2-3 week evaluation process, we monitor their reliability and ability to submit the tests on time with great results.