How to Hire Angular Developers (+8 Hours Free Trial)

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Angular Developer?

The cost / hourly rate of hiring an Angular developer can vary between $50 and $100 or more per hour. This depends on the developer’s skill set, experience, location, as well as the type of Angular they will be working with. It can also be affected by their role in the team.

Angular Developer

However, hiring a top Angular developer whose price reflects their qualities is tricky. To hire a good developer, you have to understand software development. Yet, if you were a pro developer, you wouldn’t hire somebody else - you’d do it yourself! So what should you do?

If you want to calculate the costs, you’ll have to understand what you’re looking for. Don’t worry - it is not that complicated. We will guide you through the entire process of hiring a perfect team member, explaining how it can affect the cost of hiring an Angular developer.

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What is Angular Programming?

Angular is a framework used to build Single Page Applications. Why are Single Page Applications increasingly popular? Thanks to their versatility and adaptive power. To a non-trained eye, the beauty of SPAs is shown in the simplicity and dynamic of user experience on websites like Netflix, Paypal, Gmail, Crunchbase, and others. 

It comes as no surprise that Angular is the second most commonly used front-end framework. How does the beauty of Angular products look in practice? For example, the SPA’s can load and reload only portions of pages the user is watching, rather than refreshing the entire page. This is possible thanks to the SPA’s ability to manage its state without relying on the server. 

Angular is what enables developers to easily create single-page applications using programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart. Most developers recommend using TypeScript since it is regularly updated, offers solid documentation and community support.  Now, let’s clear one more thing - the difference between Angular and AngularJS.

Difference between Angular and AngularJS

If you tried googling the term or searched freelance platforms, you may have noticed that the term Angular is sometimes used interchangeably with AngularJS. That is a major red flag and may hinder your search for the best Angular developer. 

AngularJS is the earlier version of Angular that is currently in use. In fact, Angular is the umbrella term for all new versions (2-9). Angular 2 was a complete rewrite of AngularJS, and here are some differences between the two:

  • Angular is based on TypeScript while AngularJS is based on JavaScript

  • The frameworks have different architecture. AngularJS uses terms of scope and controller, Angular instead uses a hierarchy of components

  • AngularJS offers the option of using existing directives or customizing new ones, while Angular offers standard directives which are used differently

If you ask developers, Angular is superior to AngularJS. The rewrite divided core functionality to different modules, allowing for a lighter and faster core. Also, Angular has the upper hand when it comes to handling mobile performance issues, which enables easier desktop development. Some of Angular’s fortes include:

  • TypeScript used in Angular allows code optimization and consistency

  • Supports multiple programming languages

  • Simpler routing mechanism

  • Good choice for large and complex applications

  • Easier testing

  • Good choice for apps with a single page and extended interface

This doesn’t mean that AngularJS is necessarily a bad choice. It depends on your needs and future plans. In fact, AngularJS developers are still in demand and the framework remains fairly popular. 

  • AngularJS is an open-source framework, meaning you can freely use it to develop apps

  • Supports most of the major browsers and platforms such as iOS and Android

  • It is lightweight and efficient for developing small applications

  • It doesn’t require external frameworks or extensions for front-end development

  • It is simple thanks to the use of HTML language

This comparison should help you decide what kind of Angular developer you are looking for. Now let’s move on to the list of requirements for your new team member.

What Does an Angular Developer Do?

An angular developer is a person working on the UI side of your software. They create bits and pieces and then connect them into the final product. Working with different frameworks requires the developer's specific sets of technical and soft skills.

Angular Developer

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Job Description of an Angular Developer

  • Knowledge of (and solid experience with) Angular, preferably the version you intend to work with

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, because they are fundamental skills that come in handy when developers seek solutions and tweaks 

  • Knowledge of Core JavaScript and TypeScript, because it is the recommended programming language for Angular.

  • Ability to build complete modules and components

  • Ability to build single-page applications 

  • Understanding of web services used in the system

  • Knowledge of Node Package Manager (npm), because it is used for the installment of Angular and other web development packages

  • Usage of Angular Command Line Interface, because it enables developers to code and configures the app efficiently

  • Usage of Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS), since it is a library for reactive programming

  • Knowledge of browser APIs and REST architecture

  • Knowledge of Git, because it allows you to safely experiment with new features and coding methods

  • Knowledge of server-side rendering

  • Knowledge of methodologies such as KISS, DRY, and SOLID

  • Ability to manage sockets

  • Soft skills such as attention to details, good communication skills, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, and the ability to work in a team

Job Description of an AngularJS Developer

Skills Required for AngularJS Developers:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5

  • Knowledge of AngularJS practices and commonly used modules

  • Ability to create complete and testable modules and components

  • Ability to build single-page applications 

  • Understanding of SEO

  • Using Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS)

  • Knowledge of browser APIs and REST architecture

  • Knowledge of (and experience with) Backbone.js, jQuery, NodeJS, Polymer, or React

  • A similar set of skills to what is listed for Angular developers

Developers’ experience and skills can vary and they may not be able to meet all these requirements. That doesn’t mean they should be written off. Some of them learn quickly, while others have skills and knowledge of alternative tools.

Expertise and Experience

Based on their skill-set and experience, Angular developers can be categorized into three groups: basic, mid-level, and senior. 

Basic Angular developer has fundamental front-end skills that include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, knowledge of AngularJS or Angular, as well as libraries such as Angular components, NGX Bootstrap, Prime NG, etc. 

Mid-level Angular developers know all the required front-end fundamental skills, but they are also capable of working with other JavaScript-based front-end frameworks such as React. On top of advanced front-end skills, mid-level angular developers also have knowledge of back-end fundamentals such as RESTful APIs, Node.js, and databases.

Finally, senior Angular developers are specialized in both front-end and back-end.

Freelancer or Full-Time Angular Developer?

In-House Angular Developer

The average cost of hiring and onboarding a full-time developer can reach up to $4,000 for big companies, and around $400 for small and medium-sized businesses.

This process includes creating a job post for an angular developer, distributing it via job search platforms and social media PPC ads, interviewing candidates, onboarding, etc.

It is easy to see some of the upsides to having a full-time employee. They are available on your terms and it is easy to facilitate collaboration and communication between team members. If your company nurtures a good office culture, your employees are likely to be motivated to give their best, inspired by the sense of belonging and loyalty. Thanks to a detailed recruitment process, there is a higher chance of hiring a credible professional.

However, hiring in-house Angular developers is not always an option, especially for startups and businesses seeking to see a quick return on investment. Hiring in-house developers mean you have to rent office spaces and pay for utilities. The long hiring process is pricey and disruptive - if it turns out to be a failure, it is a loss of your time and financial resources. Hiring someone else means you have to repeat the whole process. 

 Freelance Angular Developer

Here, we’ll quickly go through some of the pros and cons of freelance Angular developers.

Freelancing is an ever-blooming field of opportunity for both developers and employers. Apart from being affordable, it is result-oriented. You pay for the work you receive on a project basis, although mutually satisfying cooperation can easily turn your freelance software developer into a valuable team member.

Since freelance Angular developers rely heavily on maintaining a good reputation, they are motivated to do their best and constantly learn new things. The freelance talent pool is much deeper compared to the options you have with local talent. When you’re working with freelancers, you can easily find a perfect fit for specific project requirements. 

However, freelancing comes with a couple of downsides, such as different time zones, lack of Angular developer’s full availability, as well as the inability to cross-check their credentials. If you are working with a single developer and you aren’t well-versed with coding, there is no way for you to control the quality of their work. 

There are ways to overcome some of the challenges posed by freelancing. One of them is to recruit talent from credible platforms that carefully vet their members. How do platforms like this make your life easier? 

Most freelancing platforms enable you to create a job post, look through the applications, and assess the candidates. You are entitled to ask for their portfolios or ask them to do a paid trial project, but these platforms usually cannot guarantee that freelancers are qualified for the jobs they do.

Other platforms, like Hiremotely, base their model on amassing top talent. The focus is on the results and seamless experience, both for the developers and the employers. On this platform, you file a simple request for an Angular developer, adding details about the project size and skills you need. Within two days, you will receive a shortlist of 2-4 Angular developers who are the best fit for your requirements.

You can test each of them for 8 hours, free of charge. If you’re not happy with the results, you can request a new developer. This policy is in place thanks to extensive tests the freelancers have to pass to join Hiremotely.

Angular developers you find on this marketplace passed three tests:

  • Technology and coding

  • Logical thinking and mathematical skills 

  • Three-week reliability evaluation process (availability and punctuality)

The developers also have to maintain a high level of job success to remain active on the platform.

Hiring top Angular developers on Hiremotely is as risk-free as it gets. However, your next question is: how much does it cost to hire an Angular developer on Hiremotely?

When we talk about the cost of hiring Angular developers, we’re talking about average numbers or the scope of rates in a certain skill-set bracket. When it comes to recruiting top talent, expect the hourly rates to be within the average range, but closer to the highest price.


Hiring Angular developers can cost you between $50 and $150+ per hour. These rates vary greatly based on their experience, skill-set, location, as well as the way you are hiring them. Let’s look at your options!

Typical Rates Charged by Angular Developers*

According to PayScale, the average monthly gross salaries for AngularJS/Angular developers are as follows:

AngularJS Developer Salary in the United States

AngularJS $8,100
Angular 2 $8,600
Angular 4 $8,750

AngularJS Developer Salary in the United Kingdom

AngularJS $7,800
Angular 2 $8,100
Angular 4 $8,100

AngularJS Developer Salary in Australia

AngularJS $8,100
Angular 2 $7,750
Angular 4 $7,400

AngularJS Developer Salary in Asia

AngularJS Developer Salary in India $610
AngularJS Developer Salary in Malaysia $930
AngularJS Developer Salary in Singapore $3,530

Eastern Europe

AngularJS Developer Salary in Hungary $2,100


Basic - $900-$1,300

Mid-level - $1,000-$1,500

Senior - $1,500 - $3,800

AngularJS Developer Hourly Rate

The average hourly rates for remote AngularJS/Angular developers are:

  • Basic Angular developer $10-$30
  • Mid-level Angular developer $25-$100+
  • Senior Angular developer salary $50-$100+

One way to ensure the services of top Angular developers at more affordable rates is to outsource these jobs. By outsourcing, you technically hire an in-house member, but more than anything they function as freelancers. So maybe looking into hiring a freelancer right away might be a better option.

Build your Budget

Angular developers are in high demand because Angular is an incredibly popular framework for building apps. On top of that, developers who work with Angular are talented and have years of experience.

These developers are aware of their qualities, and they are not going to offer their services at a low price. So, if you are planning your budget, take into account these three statistics:

  • 9 out of 10 startups fail

  • The most common reason why businesses fail is Incompetence with 46%

  • In 2019, access to talent was a critical issue affecting 63% of startups

See the connection? Judging by the most common challenge startups face, the incompetence likely reflects the companies’ inability to hire top talent. Where does this stem from?

First, most employers don’t understand how software development works. This is why they are unable to find the right fit and properly vet developers’ credentials and results. At the same time, this is why they fall prey to budgeting.

Most startups struggle with finances, so many of them are ready to sacrifice expertise and experience to lower the cost of hiring an Angular developer. However, if you know a thing or two about software development, you know that hiring a cheaper and slower (Angular) developer may prolong your project. Breaking deadlines could easily cost you even more than the most expensive developer. 

Unskilled developer’s bugs are also more difficult to fix once they are already buried deep in your code. Paying new developers to go back and fix them is not only a headache but also a way to syphon thousands of unplanned dollars out of your budget.

So What Is the Solution?

Save money by hiring top-skilled, vetted freelancers on reputable platforms such as Hiremotely. Be aware of the fact that top Angular developers are costly, but still more affordable compared to in-house employees. Rely on professional’s help and advice to understand how software development works and what your specific project requires.

How to Ensure the Cost of Angular Developer Reflects the Value?

Even if you come to a platform like Hiremotely, where you’ll get expert advice and assurance, there are always things you can do to make the whole process easier. The ideal balance between the quality work and the cost of hiring an excellent Angular developer can be achieved in several steps:

Understand how software development works. You don’t have to become a developer yourself, but you should understand what type of software you want to build, which technologies you want to use, and the structure of the Angular development team your project needs.

Set clear requirements. In one of the previous sections, you have a list of requirements for all levels of Angular developers, so you can study it closely or consult it with a professional. Your app may not require the knowledge of all these tools, so not going for overkill is another way to reduce the cost of hiring Angular developers. 

Be reasonable with your budget, but understand that top talent does not come for free. Save yourself money, time, and nerves, by focusing on quality.

Hiremotely is the place where price and value meet to create solid, long-standing professional relationships. With this guide, you’re fully equipped to make sure the cost of hiring an Angular developer is underpinned by reliability, skill, and measurable results.

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